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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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katherine? >> reporter: well, the circumstances here remain under investigation, but we are being told that this baby girl was 10 months old and her death is considered suspicious, if you take a look at the front window here at this facility, it says a state licensed facility and the officers are positioned right in the front door as this is well underway here, this is on the child care center on the 3500 block shortly after 1:00 this afternoon, police say a family member found a day care member performing cpr on the baby girl and the baby was taken to temple hospital and she was pronounced dead at 2:45 this afternoon, parents of the other children are allowed back in to pick up their children one by one and some were notified but some were surprised to hear and said this is a good facility.
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>> my daughter just came and told me to come get my grand baby, my grandson goeses here, and sandy and the staff are good staff. nothing ever went wrong in the day care like that. >> they are good. good to the kids, they are good people here, this day care is wonderful. >> reporter: and police are calling the death suspicious and special victims has a lead on this case and the family was taken to the special unit to be interviewed. she happened to be walking by and saw the baby unresponsive. >> i was walking and she took the baby and put the baby on the car and started giving her mouth-to-mouth and i said is she okay and no she said no breathing. she would not running to the hospital, she wouldn't run, i
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said run, she would not run. >> and that is when the witness said the family member grabbed the baby and rushed her to the hospital and we know that she did not survive. as we look here live, police are inside of this child care center in north philadelphia, and detectives from the special units are inside and this is a breaking story we'll bring you details as we get them. >> katherine thank you. now to a developing story out of baltimore, in the past few hours a judge declare aid mistrial as jurors could not reach a decision in the manslaughter trial of the officer charged in the death of freddie gray, officer william porter is one of six officers charged in the death of freddie gray, he suffered a neck injury. they focused on not what he did but what he didn't do. failing to get help for a
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wounded gray. officer porter's case could be retried. and frustrated taxi drivers and limo drivers gathered to protest lift and uber x. chopper 6 hd flew over the demonstration to protest at city hall. they say that lift and uber x are operating in philadelphia illegally and have a list of demands for city leaders, in a statement uber is blaming the authority's out dated rules, "action news" reporter, gray hall will have the details coming up at 6:00. the mother of two children carjacked in magnolia county is now charged with neglect. prosecutors say that she left her kids in the running car of hers outside a liquor store while she was in the store surveillance video captured a 36-year-old man walking across the street and jumping in the
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driver's seat and taking off and he drove a short distance and crashed and the car landed on its roof and her children ages 8 and 10 suffered only minor injuries. garnet is free tonight. two new jersey truckers are heroes for saving a hero's life after an incident on i-295, the life and death drama in mount laurel could have been a different story if not for the courage of these two men as nora muchanic reports tonight. i pulled over and tried to help. >> ken mills was heading north on 295 in mount laurel when he pulled over to assist a man when he saw smoke billowing from the car. >> i consee him because it was so smokey. >> i said who else is in the car? he said my dog is in the backseat. >> the man that escaped the burning car is 66-year-old ron
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lagault and his husky, he and another truck driver, jeff norwood grabbed the fire extinguishers and emptied them but couldn't extinguish the flames. >> the whole car was in flames. >> i helped him to make the 911 call, it was a stressful situation for him and he was worried about it being his daughter's car and firefighters arrived to extinguish the flames and this was shot by ken leer after everyone was at a safe distance, and i spoke with ron after he brought the dog for treatment for a brain tumor, he described the trucks that helped them out as awesome. >> it was the right thing to do, someone needed help, if it was my family i would want someone to stop and help. >> so ron and riker survived a
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scary situation in part because of the kindness of two strangers traveling the same road. >> a tractor trailer crashed in the easy pass lanes at the pennsylvania-new jersey line, it blocked two lanes on the route 1 toll bridge in morris county, the driver is okay but that accident meant southbound driver his to hit the brakes. no word on what caused the crash. >> it's a mostly cloudy day and get ready for a soaker, meteorologist, cecily tynan, joins us with the details. >> after four days of record highs, temperatures cooled off but still on the mild side, yesterday the record set at 1:00 in the morning at 69 and today 53 degrees and noticeably cooler and still that is 9 degrees above normal for this time of
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your, so we remain on the mild side. 51 in philadelphia and allentown and dover 50, and reading 49 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing we saw only a few peeks of sunshine mainly northeast of philadelphia today. right there and then the clouds rolled in and the clouds are thickening ahead of low pressure skirting to the south, the low pressure is moving towards the tennessee valley and that will move south of our region and that pulls in a lot of moisture especially right in the middle of the day, some timing it out tonight, lots of clouds and drizzle for the morning commute and we get a steady soaking from the middle of the morning up into the afternoon, from 10:00 in the morning and 5:00 in the afternoon, and during the early evening we'll begin to dry out and it will be breezy and behind the system we are tracking a blustery day on friday and finally the first time this month, temperatures below
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normal, find the scarves and mittens and hat and coat you'll need it on saturday. i have the details in the full accuweather forecast. >> we are not ready. >> one day. >> okay thank you, several officers have reason to celebrate tonight, seven officers with the newcastle county police department, received promotions today, family members pinned badges on the officer's uniforms and they each got a special plaque. philadelphia's fire prevention programs will help save more lives thanks to the insurance society of philadelphia, they presented kevin sewer sawyer with a check today. the money goes to smoke alarms to be installed in city homes. matt pellman is here now with a check of the road sflz we are keeping the fire crews and
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police officers busy on the roadways with a bunch of accidents, one on the blue route 476 northbound just popped up approaching ridge pike the exit for conshohocken and norristown, police pulled up on the scene and the crash is taking out of the left lane so north of villanova it's extra busy, and extra clouded on the pennsylvania turnpike headed eastbound toward norristown, that is where a vehicle broke down so the lanes are open but extra slow. in valley forge national pork, golf road is shut down for a crash and stay on 23 to get around that and pottsgrove, yarnell road is closed and 663 is an alternate around that. and we are still without main street and montgomery is your alternate there and city avenue northbound by bala avenue, construction in the right lane jamming us up.
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so lots of issues we are watching rick and monica and we'll keep doing that in the next half hour. >> check back in later. more to come on "action news" tonight at 5:00, when you hear appendicit appendicitis, people think surgery but medication could be a better option to treat the problem. >> and doctors in texas preparing for a delicate dangerous surgery to separate conjoined baby girls.
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if you haven't signed up to get insurance the government has extended the deadline until 2:59 friday eastern time, experts say rising premiums may have left some consumers uncertain about what to do, you can sign up but coverage won't start until january 1st. another merger is in the works, lee lie sally is merging with poconos health system. they announced the full go ahead today and should be finalized
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sometime next year and they are already working together to develop a hospital of the future in poconos township. in tonight's health check an about face in treating a common childhood problem, that surgery may not be the best solution for kids with an appendicitis. ali gorman is at the big board to explain. >> reporter: surgery is the standard treatment for appendicitis, one of the most common operations for kids and now the first study comparing medication to surgery fines that drugs work in most cases, instead of surgery and recovery that takes week, they gave children infusions of antibiotics in the hospital,
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they one in five did not need surgery. >> it was amazing she was able to do her musical and able to go to disney world with no problems and we were thankful that was an option for us. >> doctors say the antibiotics should only be used for early appendicitis and they believe that it could save thousands of children from operations every year. and doctors in texas will separate two conjoined girls in february. they are part of triplets born in may, they share a pelvis and intestinal track. they have mapped out the operation and rehearsed parts of it, and they will gradually stretch the little girl's skin, although the little girls are joined, the hospital staffers say they have two distinct
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personalities. have you probably heard the advice to eat slowly if you want to weigh less and eat less. now the principal is shown to work. 50 students were broken into two groups, one ate at regular speed and one was told to chew each piece for 30 seconds, one lost 6% of weight and the other group gained almost 6%. your brain realizes you are not hungry anymore and you don't have to change what you eat and this is for adults guys. >> thanks ali. meantime the action cam in chester county this afternoon for a sing along with santa. those at the market for special needs were excited of course in red and all the presents under the christmas tree. they have delivered hundreds,
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today they had a lot of fun, "action news" at 5:00 continues next. they re about interacting with you our viewers, follow us on social media accuweather and breaking news and to communicate with us, on facebook we are and twitter at 6 abc. join us and be part of "action news."
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the federal reserve increased interest rates today. it's up a quarter point from a rate of .25% to .5%. those that pay college tuition or mortgage loans is not expected to jump any time soon, rates have been near 0 since 80s when the u.s. housing market collapsed. the sound of christmas carols filled the montgomery courthouse today. ♪ well there is no place like home for the holidays ♪ >> they look nice in their red and green and the montgomery
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county chorus performing their concert today. they performed classics like oh oh come all ye faithful. >> they welcomed jim murray and the general manage of the eagles cofounder of the ronald mcdonald house, they raised money by selling paper ornaments and the proceeds benefits the ronald mcdonald house.
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now a sight to make any parent proud, a couple showing off their dancing skills here in kensington. the finals of a dancing competition where schools form teams to participate. part of the the philly dances program. they perform dances like the waltz and tango and the winning teams go the finals in june. >> wow they could be on "dancing with the stars." how cute. now cecily tynan is here with the at big board with a preview to christmas. >> we'll warm up again after a
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cool day on saturday. look at this dland ar, every single day this december temperatures are above normal and they are averaging 11.5 degrees, above normal and this will likely go down as the warmest december on record. right now 11.5 degrees above normal and only about halfway through the month and the second warmest december on record and 7 degrees above normal back in 1923 and 1991 and the fourth warmest december on record, in 19 1931, 6.7 degrees above normal. millville 50 and reading 49 and trenton 48 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing plenty of clouds here thanks to a flow out of the southeast, and what i'm tracking for tomorrow, there is a cold front pushing towards cincinnati and a wave of low pressure
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develops and what that low pressure does it skirts to the south and that brings us moisture first in the form of drizzle and in the afternoon a steady rain at times and you don't want to forget the umbrellas tomorrow and plenty of clouds and a throw out of the southeast and temperatures the overnight low warmer than the average highs this time of year. 48 in philadelphia, allentown 42, wilmington 43, millville 42 degrees and mild and damp and future tracker showing you the morning commute and i don't see problems, areas of clouds and drizzle and spotty, as we head around the noon time hour, at 11:00, you can see areas of heavy rain developing south of philadelphia, and look what happens in the afternoon, this is what happens when we get the heavy, steady rain and areas southeast and lighter rain up to the north and this is a fast moving system by 6:30 the rain is tapering off and the middle of the day and early afternoon
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hours, when we expect the heaviest rain, future tracker showing it's all about location, northwest suburbs a quarter inch of rain and towards the shore could get an inch of rain. the shore area is getting the steadiest and heaviest rain. tomorrow a rainy day, and temperatures on the mild side, 60 degrees and windy on friday and saturday the one day of temperatures below normal, 42 degrees and the windchill below freezing and sunday the winds diminish and we pop back up to 48 degrees, and 56 degrees and after that, get ready for the return of 60. and get ready for warmth as we look ahead towards christmas in the accuweather forecast. >> wow. short-sleeves and shorts, and flip-flops. more to come in the next half hour of "action news" at 5:00, visitors to the atlantic city boardwalk will have dozens of eyes watching out for them,
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight, months and months of waiting are about to end as we countdown to the star wars "the force awakens" live. the only thing left standing was the christmas tree and we'll hear from the homeowner whose home was destroyed by a zrabted driver and a philadelphia firefighter is put under the microscope, how the department is being run. all right perhaps if you live in a galaxy far far away, you haven't heard the news but a new star wars movie hits the theaters nationwide in 26 hours from now. and die hard fans in the area are showing their excitement.
5:31 pm
the force is definitely strong with members of the philadelphia police department, officers spotted two storm troopers roaming around and put them in handcuffs and put them on twitter, they said posting spoilers not a crime but it should be. many others are asking the same, don't post plot points in the force awakens until after the opening weekend. sara bloomquist is live now. a lot of buzz about the film and tickets are still available tonight. >> reporter: that is right, advanced ticket sales are unprecedented, thousands of shows are sold out nationwide you may be surprised to hear that tickets still available even for tomorrow night. there are plenty of tickets available for when "the force awakens" nationwide.
5:32 pm
finally the wait is over and star wars is back and the for"te awakens" hits theaters tomorrow night. you'll find no bigger fan than the husband of tamala edwards. even the elf on the shelf is in on the action, rocco has tickets for friday, saturday and sunday. >> tomorrow night i'll see the movie with my brother-in-law and have a good time and friday i'll go with my wife and have a good time and no kids and saturday night i'll go and taking boys and if they act up i have already seen the movie and can enjoy myself. >> you can see the movie by buying tickets on craigslist. >> theaters are scrambling to add more showings. >> and ray brought tickets for cherry hill at the 9:00 p.m. showing and has high hopes for the film. >> i hope it has heart, which
5:33 pm
was really lacking in the prequels, i want them to care about the story and not just the spectacle. >> king of prussia is showing marathon showings beginning at 4:00 a.m. and beginning with the new star wars at 7:00 and so far critics think fans will like what they see. >> it's exactly the star wars movie people want it to be. >> reporter: yes, the reviews coming in are really, really good, in theaters today there is is a signed seating, you may not see the long lines like in years past and before you go with your darth vader mask and carrying your light saber, all movie theaters are prohibiting sabers face paint and even props. >> i guess i won't be going.
5:34 pm
>> security. thank you. if you are headed out to see star wars this weekend, we wants to you join the action, use the force or your cell phone to send in photos of the lines, costumes and the fun, use #6abcaction or email us at and our resident star wars geek, matt o'donnell interviewed the cast and director of "the force awakens." you can see it at along with pictures from his trip to hollywood. in other news we have an update from "action news" that we told you about at 5:30, a delaware home will have to be torn down because of a driver that slammed into the side of it, because a texting driver slammed into the side of it. it's along the unit block of christiana, delaware, the kitchen and living room were
5:35 pm
destroyed and the family christmas tree was the only thing left standing, the driver missed his turn and went into the side of the house, the resident said he is thankful nobody was home. >> i thought about it and could not sleep, if it happened over the weekend, it would be terrible, all my family stay in the kitchen and living room and play, and it's terrible i can't imagine. >> the 23-year-old driver was not hurt but ticketed for distracted driving using a cell phone behind the wheel and now the family is getting help from the red cross. philadelphia police are hoping this surveillance video will lead them to the man that robbed a restaurant at gun point, it happened friday at the little caesars in hunting park, the man was dressed in a gray sweatshirt with a handkerchief over his face and he had a handgun at his side and demanded
5:36 pm
money. you are asked to call northwest detectives if you know anything about the crime. a philadelphia student was taken into police custody for allegedly assaulting a teacher, it happened at 8:month this morning on north fourth street in philadelphia, a female eighth grader pushing a teacher out the way and the teacher is pressing charges. comptroller allen butkovitz says the city is not meeting standards when it comes to response times. it shows that 60,000 fire engines did not arrive in time. that equals out to a 75% compliancesy rate and he blames the brownout policy that allows engines to close on certain days and nights. he is calling on mayor nutter
5:37 pm
and mayor elect kenney to revise the policies. >> people are still being killed and injured as a result of fires and every minutes delay increases the chance substantially of someone being killed or hurt. >> but the commissioner points out the historically low injuries from fires. >> you need a total measurement, the number one goal from the fire department is to save lives and protect property and we are doing that. >> commissioner sawyer says his new plan addresses it's issue of response times. and new cameras will be installed along the atlantic city boardwalk and the goal is to increase public safety and police will monitor the cameras and they will be added on the light poles, the reinvestment
5:38 pm
authority signed $11 million in bonds to pay for the upgrades. a short time ago trenton's mayor eric jackson announced my brother's keeper, similar to president obama's plan, the goal is to provide more opportunities to boy and more men of color by eliminating achievement gaps. they will try to improve childhood literary and the mayor wants the formal plan announced by next june 24th. and now a check of the highways on a wednesday night. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> a whole bunch of accidents. off the admiral wilson boulevard to our good buddy ben, watch for them taking out the two left lanes.
5:39 pm
you may want to head for the walt whitman bridge. and coming down the walt, down to 534, we had a crash that is now gone guy the southbound traffic is heavy on the 42 freeway, this is city avenue by the bala inn and bala avenue, there is construction out here all afternoon, one lane getting by towards the schuylkill and the schuylkill is backed up toward the blue route because 476 northbound is locked up down towards conshohocken and the crash was in the left lane is now in the shoulder. it's been a busy one, rick and monica back over to you. >> thank you again, more to come on "action news" this evening, panic on the tarmac for dozens of airline passengers after their airline swerves out of control. >> and a big birthday bash for a long time resident of the philadelphia zoo. we'll show you the ice cake. and another warm day despite the clouds and rain is coming up
5:40 pm
from the south and in our direction. more coming up in accuweather. >> and jaime apody has eagles and temple news in sports.
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the faa is trying to figure out why the jet landing ended in chaos after it skidded off the runway, there was 133 passengers on board and it rolled in the grass and got stuck. >> it was a lot rougher than it usually is and you knew something was not right. >> we heard a shutter and swerved off into a ditch and the flight attendants told us down down down. >> and passengers used the emergency slides to evacuate and eight were taken to the hospital and released with minor injuries, they were focused on the wheels and landing gear and the possible of a blown tire. and presidential candidates are hoping that their performances last night, will boost their numbers. jeb bush went against donald trump for his proposal to ban
5:44 pm
muslims from the u.s., matthew dowd says trump looks like the dominant frontrunner but other candidates did well. >> two breakout candidates, marco rubio, he as you does well and i think chris christie did good contrasting to anybody else on stage, the question is could anybody take the place of donald trump in this race and that is something we don't know. >> cruz is under investigation for possibly leaking information about the new usa freedom of information act. >> no debating that the eagles have a tough task sunday night as they prepare for arizona, jaime is here with sports. we are getting ready for sunday's battle with the birds, and the question now is does he even want to be.
5:45 pm
chip kelly says they want bradford here for the long hall because they are think being that in the offseason because they have a post season bat total think about. but the 6-7 team controls its own post season destiny, they were in a similar season last year and blue it. this year a chance to redeem themselveses. >> that is the nfl, anything can happen in this league and you look around the league and you see crazy things happen, so anything is possible. >> we just focus now on one game, we have three games left and the cardinals are in the way. it's a crazy league man, i have been a part of crazy stuff. >> how about the crazy flyers, they are on a roll thanks to a kid they call ghost and like a spirit. shane is continuing to haunt opponents in overtime. >> voracek he is there.
5:46 pm
>> he almost every time he shoots the puck he gets it through and that is really dangerous. >> he scores! >> when the game gets closer and closer in the third period he cranks up his game a notch. the 22-year-old scored the game winner for the third time this season. >> he scores! >> and fun for sure but sometimes have you to out pitch yourself. >> he is comfortable making plays and when you have a player coming in a new player showing that kind of confidence it can build on the other players too. >> the kid is making quite the name for himself. he has only played 17 games period and the fastest player to reach three overtime goals and only the third rookie to score that many. >> i have not been in too many
5:47 pm
overtime games let alone win some. >> how many overtime games before this season? three. >> three overtime games in college and now three overtime wins. >> yes. >> this kid could be something special. >> the temple owls getting ready to take on the boca raton bowl. >> want them to have fun. i want them to have fun, i want them to enjoy everything they do, i ask a lot out of them. they have not been to a bowl game yet, since they are here they might as well appreciate it. sixers in louisiana and all of social media talking about this. last night what a scene the cavs game, lebron james went to meet
5:48 pm
the fan, miller, who is brain damaged since birth. afterwards he actually gave the kid his shoes and the kid happened to be wearing his shoes. and now he has two pairs. thank you jaime. the philadelphia zoo held a birthday party for coldy locks, the world's oldest polar bear. she turned 35 and enjoyed pumpkins and a cake filled with peanut butter and granola mix, coldy locks is 12 yeared older than the arm life span and has lived in two major cities since being born and came from new york since being born. you could say she is bipolar. >> oh rick. it's the holidays.
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of custom in-home serviceside a variety for your aging loved ones, including medication reminders and transportation to the doctor. ♪ children in south jersey got a lesson on whether a phenomenon chris sowers spoke to 130 third graders in cherry hill. they asked about weather and phenomenons, and he happily told them how our weather tracker tracks systems like thunderstorms. the kids loved it. >> i'm surprised they didn't
5:52 pm
rush him and say where is the snow, we want a snow day. >> i'm sure they are sad. >> look at the christmas forecast wow. >> as we approach the holiday records once again are falling, as we look at double scan live radar no precipitation whatsoever today, a lot of clouds and mild once again, temperatures 8 to 9 degrees above normal, despite we had the easterly wind that locked in the clouds from start to finish. 50 right now in the lehigh valley, 51 in philadelphia and 51 in millville and dover and upper 40s to 50s at the shore and with the clouds here the temperatures are really not going to drop all that much in the overnight hours. we were one of the unlucky ones along the east coast, the sunshine broke out for southern new and broke out for washington and baltimore but there was a wedge of clouds that were stubborn throughout the afternoon and more clouds now streaming from the west ahead of
5:53 pm
a cold front that pushes through on thursday. in addition to that front we have energy on the southern flank of the front developing in the gulf of mexico pulling moisture along that boundary and we'll see a decent amount pull in for thursday. it's cloudy and mild with areas of drizzle and we are not dealing with steady or heavy rain tomorrow morning. 40 degrees at 6:00 and it's right after that morning rush that we start to see the rain inten if i from the north to the south, rather scattered and by 10:00 or 11:00, lunch time, that is when we pop the steadier heavier echos of rain in southern delaware and new jersey and a lighter rain to the north and west and into the afternoon we'll see the most rain while lighter amounts fall to the north and west. it pulls out of here during the evening rush and 6:00 it's all into new england.
5:54 pm
what to expect here, a mild rain tomorr tomorrow. for new jersey and delaware .75 to 1.5, the exclusive accuweather forecast, rainy and mild tomorrow and we are drying out slowly on friday and a few pops of sun at 51 degrees and saturday 42 with sun and clouds, and with the wind driving out of the westerly direction, windchill windchills we lose the wind and keep the sun and temperatures go up to 48 and it's really cloudy and 56 and warm rain developing on tuesday at 62 and christmas eve eve on wednesday, record warmth 6 with rain and we could stay in the upper 60s with more records to fall christmas eve and possibly even christmas day.
5:55 pm
>> wow. incredible. >> it's the december this year. >> nobody here complaining.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by we these stories up next at 6:00, police are investigating the suspicious death of a 10-month-old at a north philadelphia day care and a family mourns the death of a doctor in a crash in florida. and taxi and limo drivers caused a traffic jam over other taxi drivers they say are operating illegally. for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a great night.
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5:59 pm
the trial in the death of freddie gray has ened in a hung jury. and a small but agitated group of protesters have taken to the streets of baltimore after the judge declared a mistrial in the case of officer porter charged with gray's death for failing to get medical help for the critically wounded gray, gray's neck was broken while being transported in a police vehicle, his sentence had a maximum of 25
6:00 pm
years, five other police officers are also charged. it's not clear how this mistrial will affect their cases. world news tonight with david muir will have more on the freddie gray case next on channel 6. philadelphia police are calling a death of a 10-month-old girl suspicious tonight, the baby was found unresponsive at a day care center on the 500 block of german town section of philadelphia. dann cuellar is live with more from hunting park. >> reporter: police are questioning relatives and witnesses who saw some of what went on. >> i was scared, what was wrong with the baby, she was just laying there and her mouth was black. >> kara was on her way to a doctor's appointment on german town after and


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